Anticipating Surprise from Apple

Yours truly, on Medium: In general, Apple’s past behavior is an excellent indicator of its future behavior, which makes many aspects of its events quite predictable. But Apple’s famous secrecy has one main purpose: to create a sense of wonder and surprise during announcements. Keeping future products secret enables announcements to feel like “major leaps […]

Comcast’s 10-Year Deal With Disney Includes Out-of-Home Viewing

Amy Chozick and Brooks Barnes for the New York Times: Comcast and Disney said Wednesday they had agreed to a 10-year deal that will allow the cable provider to distribute Disney content via television and streaming on iPads and other devices. But it’s not exclusive in any way.  So Disney (which owns ABC and ESPN) can […]

Apple Obscures Future Device Hints with Fake References

One file in particular, USBDeviceConfiguration.plist, had formerly listed about two dozen different device variants. As discovered by 9to5Mac’s Mark Gurman, that list has now ballooned to well over 100 such entries as Apple has seeded it with dozens of new fake references to such future products as “iPad10,1”, “iPhone11,3”, “iPod11,1”, and “AppleTV8,3”. Apple TV version […]

Josh Topolsky Reviews the Galaxy Nexus on The Verge

Really like this new site that launched on November 1 – congrats to Josh Topolsky and everyone who’s making it happen. Especially my friend David Pierce. My favorite part so far: they rate products based on design, not specs. I’m confident we’ll never see a spec comparison chart on The Verge. Funny, though: on the […]

Stanford Offers iPhone App Development Course Free on iTunes U

I used Stanford’s first semester of iPhone App Development on iTunes U in 2008 and found it really useful. My one complaint: I had no background in programming and couldn’t find the prerequisites on iTunes. Jordan Golson at MacRumors points out that everything you need to get from turning on a computer to robust iPhone […]


Mutually. Assured. Destruction. Bill Simmons breaks down the standoff between NBA owners and players: The owners treated these negotiations as a natural extension of their business, only caring about their bottom line and nothing else. The players took the proceedings much more personally. After things fell apart on Monday — when the NBPA rejected David […]

What I Missed

I’ve been traveling.  And I missed a lot. Apple launched iOS 5 and iCloud, the iPhone 4S went on sale, Netflix and HP both aborted plans for major business shifts, Google probably released a few different new versions of Android (perfect visual) that can’t run on most Android devices, RIM’s co-CEOs still exist, Microsoft made […]

New Heinz Ketchup Packets Hold 3x More Ketchup

Sarah Nassauer for WSJ: Since a supply spat between Heinz and McDonald’s that arose during a 1973 tomato shortage, Heinz, the country’s largest ketchup producer, has been locked out of most McDonald’s U.S. locations. Though Heinz didn’t design the new packet to get back in McDonald’s good graces, “that would be a wonderful side benefit,” […]

Government Good

The great Rick Webb, on his new project called Government Good: I believe that the government can do some good from time to time. I believe that the public conversation has lost this. I believe that so many people believe the government is broken that it is in danger of becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy. This […]

A Decade Hating the Web

Matt Drance: Today is the tenth anniversary of Apple’s open-source WebKit codebase, which powers nearly every relevant web browser and engine used today, including Safari, Chrome, and even WebOS itself. But Apple hates the web – it’s too “open” for them. Only a company that won’t be evil can love such an open platform. Tweetview […]

Why Product Brands Should “Ladder-Up”

electronista: Despite Microsoft giving away free XBOXs with PCs, research in an investment note from GER showed that 80 percent of incoming students were buying Macs, not Windows systems. The college market has always been a boon for Apple. Buying a computer for school is a rare case when the consumer’s purchase decision is based almost completely […]

Free Reign

Josh Ong: Google gave original Mac designer [Andy Hertzfeld] free rein on new Google+ UI. “Free reign” means experience design came first. Yours truly: User experience first? To inform the technology? Then taking time to mold it to their own strategic model? Seems almost…Apple-like. Yes, Apple-like. SIDE NOTE: Since designing the Mac, Hertzfeld of course […]

Well, This is Weird. Google Actually Has the Right Idea.

For all the heat Google takes (especially from yours truly), it seems like we should be tentatively impressed this time. They’ve identified some white space in social (full network, selective sharing), that Facebook has tried to capture a bunch of different ways but has never done well. Ultimately, it’s something Facebook doesn’t want to do […]