Chipotle’s ‘The Scarecrow’ – and Other Ideological Brand Videos

Brilliant, beautiful, haunting.

Deeply ideological brands are powerful and rare. Deeply ideological founders help. That may be the driver for this one too, in some ways even more explicitly positioning Steve Ells as the hero of the respective stories.

One critique of ‘The Scarecrow’: the story seems to lack a pivotal moment of catharsis like ‘Back to the Start’ has. The consumer’s role in the narrative also seems absent – the message is a bit too much “we’re heroes, line up and get some of our heroic work” rather than “Chipotle is a movement you can be a part of.”

It seems sure their brilliant ideological narratives will continue (unlike fleeting brilliance). Maybe the next one will even be more inclusive, with a community-driven narrative using the same formula: ideological story + nasty cover of a classic song.

(Thanks to Zack for helping codify thoughts on this.)


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