Twitter wasn’t mentioned in 50% of Super Bowl ads after all – hashtags were

Matt McGee, writing about Super Bowl XLVII commercials for Marketing Land:

According to my count, Twitter was mentioned in 26 of 52 national TV commercials — that’s 50 percent of the spots that aired during CBS’ game coverage. Facebook was mentioned in only four of those commercials — about eight percent. Google+, which is reportedly the No. 2 social network in the world, wasn’t mentioned at all.

YouTube and Instagram were even mentioned once each, by Hyundai and Oreo, respectively.

His definition of “mentioning Twitter”?

Commercials that had some mention of Twitter — a hashtag, a logo, a URL or something else.

All 26 of his “Twitter mentions” included hashtags. But many of the hashtags were platform agnostic: not accompanied by a Twitter logo.

In fact, by my count only 3/26 of the hashtags were accompanied by a Twitter logo. That means the other 88% (23/26) could just as easily be credited to Instagram, Google+ or, most appropriately, all three major hashtag-supporting platforms.

Our author, Mr. McGee, doesn’t mention this detail of his methodology in his “How I Counted Super Bowl Commercials & Social Mentions” section. Nice headline, too: “Game Over: Twitter Mentioned In 50% of Super Bowl Commercials, Facebook Only 8%, Google+ Shut Out.” Rubbish reporting.

How about this? “Social Game On: Hashtags Included in 50% of Super Bowl Commercials, Facebook Mentioned In 8%, Twitter In 6%, Instagram In 2%”