“Then of course they can go off and make it happen.”

Steve Jobs, 1995:

You know, one of the things that really hurt Apple was after I left John Sculley got a very serious disease. It’s the disease of thinking that a really great idea is 90% of the work. And if you just tell all these other people “here’s this great idea,” then of course they can go off and make it happen.

And the problem with that is that there’s just a tremendous amount of craftsmanship in between a great idea and a great product.

Steve Jobs was able to put The Medici Effectinto practice. He got individuals to measure their own success solely by the project’s success.

Also: if you haven’t watched¬†Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview¬†in its entirety, you should. He is remarkably prescient about today’s computing landscape – 18 years ago.

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