Amazon Prime Is Still The Best Subscription

Subscription services provide unlimited access to stuff. Unlimited means stress-free, never-think-about-it convenience. What types of things are subscriptions good for?  Amazon Prime is the best thing I subscribe to, with Rdio, Flickr, Netflix and HBO in a 4-way tie for second.

The $79/yr price for Amazon Prime is a steal for free 2-day shipping (often 1-day in practice) if you buy more than 15-20+ things each year. I don’t even use the included free Amazon Instant movie streaming very much, and the Prime price is worth it just for fast, free shipping.

Amazon wants to be the first place you go to buy anything. Universal Wish Lists that let you add any item, whether Amazon sells it or not, got them close. Amazon Prime solidifies their pole position, and it’s a delight.

Christmas shopping is a good reminder of just how nice it is to have convenient, inexpensive, fast shopping.

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