Josh Topolsky Reviews the Galaxy Nexus on The Verge

Really like this new site that launched on November 1 – congrats to Josh Topolsky and everyone who’s making it happen. Especially my friend David Pierce.

My favorite part so far: they rate products based on design, not specs. I’m confident we’ll never see a spec comparison chart on The Verge. Funny, though: on the linked page try scrolling down to the “Highest Rated Products” section. It appears there’s a glitch causing every fifth product to be skipped when you hit the left-right scrolling arrows. It just so happens the first product skipped is the Galaxy Nexus, which they have 5th highest rated.

When you rate devices on the experience of using them rather than the specs, you get 4 of your top 6 products made by Apple. But it sounds like the Galaxy Nexus is a great phone by that measure too. Topolsky gives it a nice review:

Since day one, I’ve been waiting for an Android device that lived up to the promise of such a powerful OS. I think I can stop waiting now.

Only took 4.5 years to make Android a good OS. Remember: the Galaxy Nexus is still the only device that can run this software. Why do they even make all these other crap Android devices that can’t even run the latest software? Because Google’s goal is to get Andriod phones in people’s hands so they see Google ads, not to make great devices.

For those wondering, the latest version of iOS runs on just five devices (three iPhones and two iPads). But that includes every iOS device Apple has sold since July 2009. Even most Android devices sold this year can’t run their latest software (which sounds like the first version worth using).

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