Apple TV Predictions

My predictions:

  • Apple will release a TV set in 2012
  • Apple’s TV set will have only two wire inputs: a power cord and ethernet (in other words no HDMI, no coax, no other ports)
  • No coax input means the Apple TV will be incompatible with cable
  • Apple will have content deals with major networks and channels (NBC, ABC, ESPN, CNN, etc.) to have their live TV content available on Apple TV from day one with a “in-app subscription” like model
  • On Demand content will still be available directly through iTunes
  • Airplay input from iOS devices will override what ever is playing directly from the TV set and will automatically “turn on” the TV if selected as the output on the iOS device
  • The TV system will interact seamlessly with iOS devices as wireless game controllers
  • Apple will launch a gaming platform or drastically updated GameCenter to become a live-gaming and social gaming network
  • The first or second generation Apple TV set will have a front-facing camera for FaceTime
  • Apple TV will not have a built-in web browser, but you’ll still be able to Airplay your screen with Safari from iOS devices
  • Apple TV set hardware will be similarly priced to current TV sets of the same size
  • 32 GB of flash storage will be standard (iCloud storage of content will be focus)
  • Apple will also continue offering a “set top box” TV product that plugs into the TV you own and offers a similar interface but misses some of the key functionality

I have absolutely no information or sources, these are predications based simply on thinking about what Apple is trying to do and what they’ve done in the past.  There are a few primary thoughts/insights/beliefs my predictions are based in:

  1. TV hardware itself doesn’t need fixing, it’s cable service that needs fixing.  It’s impossible to make a good TV with cable service.
  2. Apple tightly integrates its products together.
  3. Apple dominates mobile gaming, but Microsoft dominates living room gaming with its best platform and its best opportunity to regain computing prominence with consumers: the XBOX.
  4. Every site and page on the web to date has been built to view at no further than arm’s distance from the screen.  The vast majority will stay that way.
  5. The TV is an inherently communal device, not a personal one.  Every device Apple has ever made has been personal.
  6. Apple would’ve killed some of this buzz by now if they didn’t have something like this in the pipeline for release soon
Let’s look back at this list if/when Apple announces their next TV product.

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