Fred Wilson, principal of Union Square Ventures on his blog AVC:

We wrote in business school, but I don’t recall a lot of effort being put into making us better writers. And for almost two decades in venture capital, writing meant memos and quarterly reports and not much more.

Then, at age 42, I started blogging. And I’ve been writing daily ever since. Something like 5,600 blog posts have been entered into my Typepad CMS. Almost all of them by me. I’m getting close to Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 hours. My writing has improved immeasurably. But more importantly, I have learned to love writing. It’s creative. It’s a puzzle. How do I tell the story? How do I get my point across? How do I do it crisply and clearly? How do I end it on a strong note?

Communication skills are so important in life. The investment I’ve made in my communication skills over the past eight years is paying huge dividends for me now. I want to help my kids make the same investment, just much earlier in life. I know it will come in handy and I know it will be a great source of pleasure for them throughout their life.

My grandfather and namesake was an attorney at law and constantly reminded me to become a great writier, emphasizing that every business requires outstanding written communication. Now my girlfriend is a writer by profession and I’ve seen first hand how critical writing is in my work.

This is part of the reason I write here: because I need practice. Since I started I’ve noticed many writers aren’t very precise (or even accurate) and some aren’t even good storytellers. Writing, like programming and business strategy, requires both accuracy and story telling; precision and creativity; clarity and flow. That’s why I’ve come to love it more than I thought I would. So I’m planning to practice every day starting at 24 instead of 42.

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