Stanford Offers iPhone App Development Course Free on iTunes U

I used Stanford’s first semester of iPhone App Development on iTunes U in 2008 and found it really useful. My one complaint: I had no background in programming and couldn’t find the prerequisites on iTunes.

Jordan Golson at MacRumors points out that everything you need to get from turning on a computer to robust iPhone App coding is now available:

The university notes that the two Stanford prerequisite courses, Programming Methodology [Link] and Programming Abstractions [Link], are also available on iTunes U.

iPhone Application Development is available free on iTunes [Link].

It’s a huge time investment to run through these three courses, but this free access to Stanford education is great. I don’t think you have to be a great engineer to change the world, but having a deep interest and understanding of software programming is the best thing you can do today if you’re interested in business.

CodeAcademy is another great free resource for learning the basics; it’s much easier to stick with but less comprehensive and applicable than the Stanford courses.

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