Mutually. Assured. Destruction.

Bill Simmons breaks down the standoff between NBA owners and players:

The owners treated these negotiations as a natural extension of their business, only caring about their bottom line and nothing else. The players took the proceedings much more personally. After things fell apart on Monday — when the NBPA rejected David Stern’s “take it or leave it” ultimatum and decided to decertify, a confusing move (because of the timing) that almost certainly wrecked the 2011-12 season — agent Aaron Goodwin made a telling comment to the Washington Post’s Mike Wise.

“For years owners have treated players as if they are just their property,” Goodwin said, “fining them over how they dress, act, everything. This is the first time the players have the opportunity to say no.”

Simmons’ entire column is compelling. His conclusion:

Just know that there’s no side to take — it’s mutually assured destruction in its purest form.

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